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Status «Authorized distributor» and «star» in the search results

The service is granted to the stocks which are manufacturers authorized distributors. The service will cover the following:

  1. If supplier has status «Authorized distributor» for at least one item in search results, these results will be ranked higher within one group of stocks united by geographic character. See detailed information about ranking algorithm here.
  2. Such items can be marked with star explaining text which tells: «The items marked with star are supplied by the authorized distributor». For example:
    Manufacturer Part number and descriptionRetailSmall qty.WholesaleStock
    Maxim Integrated Products MAX232CPE3,75 $2,50 $1,81 $ 100

Star placement price is 1000 rubles a month per one manufacturer. If you confirm authorized distributor status but do not place star, the stock will be ranked in accordance with the status that means to be placed upwards, but a visitor will not know that you are the authorized distributor.

If you would like to be ranked as the authorized distributor of some manufacturer, you need to write a message at, where you shall inform the following:

  • Name of IC manufacturers which you have the authorized distributorship contract with and for which you would like to be connected to this service;
  • Manufacturers site link where it is indicated that your stock is the authorized distributor or some other confirmation of this status, pointing out validity time;
  • Variants of the manufacturers name writing used in your search results (tag <mfg> in the case online-stock or column «Manufacturer» in the case of price-lists loading are meant). It will be those variants of writing by which we will identify the required items in your search results.

We would like to remind you that authorized distributors stock will rise in the search results free of charge. If you would like to mark your products with star, inform us at

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