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Information on search system partnership with «Light» rate

The main difference from a standard rate (5000 rubles monthly fees) is that our member pays only for impressions in #1 position of our search results (see «How does the system work» section below)

The mentioned rate will be interesting, first of all, to companies with a limited list of infrequently requested items. These companies can be unsatisfied with the ratio of standard rate to a number of impressions in search results and, consequently, to amount of potential buyers' contacts.

In order to understand if such way of membership suits you, you will be granted one month of test partnership (free) to form statistics of your search result impression. On the base of this statistics it will be possible to define an estimated monthly costs if «Light» rate has been chosen.

How does the system work

  • As the first place in the search results is one, an auction among companies participating in our system with «Light» rate or having ordered «Special placement» service is carried out for every query (automatically). The company which is ready (according to company settings) to pay maximal price for impression will take the first place.
  • Minimal possible cost for an impression is 0.10 rub.
  • Minimal monthly fee is 1000 rub.
  • You will have an access to reports and analytics which will help you to manage the current situation and to select an impression optimal price.
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