Search system participation

How does the system work

If you have no opportunity to prepare the script described in the previous section, or if your server is not able to bear our system load, you can load stock information directly into our internal base.

Thus, searching in your stock is performed in our internal base. To load and control your price-lists there is a special interface (how to operate it, please, see the relevant section).

How to be connected to system

You need to send the application on with the following fields:
  • the company name,
  • link to your website,
  • price-list in CSV format (text file with separators. The separators can be of any symbil, for example: ";" "," ":" etc.).

Permitted columns in the price-list

  • Manufacturer(for example: Maxim).
  • Part number(for example: max232cpe). Mandatory field!
  • Description (for example: Interface RS-232 120Kbit/sec Uп=5V 0... +70°C).
  • Link to the image (picture) or additional description.
  • Link to the technical documentation
  • Retail price.
  • Small wholesale price.
  • Wholesale price..
  • Stock status. Possible variants of field interpretation:
    • «Yes» — available in the stock.
    • «Integer number» — points amount of items in the stock.
    • «0» — unavailable in the stock.
    • Delivery time — for example: «USA, 3-4 weeks».
    • If the field is blank, it means that the given item is not available in the stock
    • Non-permitted fields values: «call», « order» or «inquiry», «in the stock», «available», etc.

Attention! Number of symbols in one line of the price-list shall not exceed 200. If the symbols limit has been exceeded, the corresponding items will not be displayed in the search results.

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