Search system participation

1. Base preparation for loading

Stock information is loaded into our system in the form of a text file with separators ";". Such format is called CSV. For example, if your inventory base is stored in Excel, then to save CSV format it is enough to select «CSV with separators» during operation «Save as...». Example of the base in CSV can be found in: stock.csv

2. The price-lists control panel

Upon receiving application to be connected to search system with the help of stock information loading, you will be granted an access to our stock control panel.
Initially you have an access only to the form of your CSV-file with base loading in «Price-lists» tab.

3. Loading and description of the price-list

To check columns correctness you will be able to view the first 20 lines of your loaded file. If the result is positive, you can start your price-list description:
  • Enter the price-list name (a label).
  • Select the currency your prices are indicated in.
  • Mark every column with description selecting it out of the drop-down list.
    • If you leave a column untitled, it will be ignored during loading.
    • If you indicate similar descriptions for two or more columns, then during processing they will be joined in one.
  • Mark the lines which shall be ignored during loading (for example, first line that contain column titles).
After completion of the above-described operations, press «Load» and your system will start processing your price-list.

4. Processing

Processing is necessary for price-list formatting into our internal format and will take not more than 20 minutes.

5. Price-list loading result

After processing a table containing all your loaded price-lists and date of loading will appear on the price-lists control page. With the help of this table you can delete price-lists and to take definite price-lists temporary out of searching (by setting the version value to «Deactivated»).

6. Price-list updating

To update the loaded price-list you just need to indicate the same name (label) during loading as of the updated one. After processing the loaded price-lists versions will be indicated having possibility to switch over.

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