Search system participation

How does the system work

For example, our server sends a query «max323» to a vendor's server. This query is accepted by a special script that searches the internal database of the vendor. (MySQL database, Spreadsheet, Text file and other) and returns a list of items that matches to the query with availability information («Not in stock», «In stock», «100 item available» and so on) and additional information, like manufacturer's name, price, description, link to the documentation and other.

How to be connected to system

Your IT-specialist shall prepare the above-mentioned script which will return the required stock information and, probably, some extra fields. To know requirements for the script, see details at Specification. Your system administrator has to prepare the script described above, which will return stock information and optionally additional fields. To get more specifics about the script look in the Specifications section.

After the script has been ready and tested, you will have to send an inquiry at pointing out the following fields:
  • the company name,
  • link to the site,
  • Information about the script.
    • URL of the script,
    • Script parameters,
    • Query encoding,
    • Answer encoding.
Our manager will contact you as soon as your email will be received.

Requirements for linking up on-line stock

  • The search script has to work as fast as possible (up to 1 second), otherwise our server will fail to receive all information and, consequently, to show it in the search results.
  • Server shall be ready to process several tens of thousands of queries a day.
  • Your website shall represent the stock information (stock searching, price-list, catalogue) which shall clearly tell if the indicated components are available in your stock or not. That is necessary for checking up if information we are getting from your script comply with information in your site.
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