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To use special script (prepared by you) for stock information on the required components. For example:
  • We are interested in components containing text max232 in their partnumbers. Our server sends indicated string to your script and waits for an answer.
  • Your script returns components list with names containing the indicated text. Every item is given with the stock status (availability, unavailability or possibility to deliver upon order).


Our server queries your server via HTTP, requests the URL of your script and transfers the query with the string to search as a parameter using one of the possible methods (GET or POST).
Your script returns stock information in a XML format that has the following fields:
  • <data></data> — Root field.
  • <line></line> — Information regarding a single item.
    • <mfg></mfg> — Manufacturer (for example: Maxim).
    • <part></part> — Name of the component (for example: max232cpe).
    • <note></note> — Description (for example: interface RS-232 120Kbit/s Up=5В 0...+70°C)
    • <img></img> — Link to an image (photo) or additional description.
    • <pdf></pdf> — Link to technical documentation.
    • <cur></cur> — Currency (USD, RUR, EUR).
    • <p1></p1> — Retail price.
    • <p2></p2> — Small quantities price.
    • <p3></p3> — Wholesale price.
    • <stock></stock> — stock status, the following fields are availble:
      • yes — Available in stock (the instock is not used).
      • Integer — Indicates the number of items in stock (the instock is not used).
      • 0 — Not in stock (the instock is not used).
      • Stock information in the form of a range — for example: «<100» (instock tag must contain 1 as a value).
      • Indication of shipment time — for example: USA, 3-4 weeks (the instock must contain 0 as a value).
      • Forbidden field values:
        «Order» or «Query»
        «In stock»
        and others.
    • <instock></instock> — Additional information about stock availability (1 — in stock, 0 — not in stock). Used in the described above situations.


  • The tags <data>, <line>, <part> and, in some cases, <instock> are mandatory.
  • In the result of search there shall be under 20 items.
  • In the resulting strings there shall not be html-tags.
  • All prices must include taxes, floating point symbol is "." (dot).
  • If no currency is indicated, prices shall be considered in US dollars.
  • If stock status is not indicated, items are considered to be unavailable in the stock.
  • The search script has to work as fast as possible (up to 1 second), otherwise our server will fail to receive all information and, consequently, to show it in the search results.
  • Server shall be ready to process several tens of thousands of queries a day.

Search results requirements

  • In the resulting strings there shall be the request string.
    For example, if the request string is «max232», then «max232» shall be mandatory present in every resulting string.
  • .If the request string consists of words separated with a space (or a symbol-separator), all requested words shall be present in the resulting strings. Symbol-separators: « », «\t» (tabulation), «\n» (line shift), «,» «;» «*» «?».
    For example, if search query is «max 232» or «max,232», then both max and 232shall be mandatory present in every resulting string.
  • Some special symbols withdrawal is allowed during searching: «_», «-», «.», «/», «\», «|», «#», «~», «+», «^», «@», «%», «(», «)».
    For example, if the request string is «max-232», then it is possible to have the search results only for «max-232» or «max232». It is not allowed having search results only for the requested «max» or «232».
  • It is allowed consider similar in writing Latin and Cyrillic letters identical - E, T, O, P, A, H, K, X, C, B, M, and the letter O and the figure 0.
  • In the resulting strings it is allowed having the request strings separated with a special symbol.
    For example, if the request string is «max232», then it is allowed having «some_thing_таMAX 232pcs» in the resulting string.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <note> Driver RS-232, 2Dr/2Re, 200 Kbit, Un = 5В, -40:+85; case SO16 150</note>
    <stock>3-4 weeks</stock>
The code above will be parsed into the following text:

ManufacturerPart number and DescriptionRetailSmall qty.WholesaleStock
Driver RS-232, 2Dr/2Re, 200 Kbit, Un = 5В, -40:+85; case SO16 150
4.2610 €20
3.1 $
MAXIMMAX232ACUE3-4 weeks
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