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Ranking algorithm of the search results

Since December 01st, 2009, the following order of search results ranking in has been introduced:

1. The first is displayed the stock offered a maximal price for «Special placement» service.
2. Georanking. Depending on IP-address of a visitor or its geo-settings information will be displayed in the following order:
2.1. Stocks from the visitors city;
2.2. Non-resident stocks branches locating in the visitors city;
2.3.-2.4. Two groups of stocks and branches selected by a similar way for areas;
2.5.-2.6. Two groups of stocks and branches selected for federal districts;
2.7. Other stocks from the visitors country;
2.8. Foreign stocks branches locating in the visitors country;
2.9. Foreign stocks.
3. In each group of items 2.1.-2.9. the first will be displayed the stocks having status of an authorized distributor for the displayed items. See details in section «Authorized distributor».
4. In each group of items 2.1.-2.9 the factors depending on the completeness of information (prices, notes, manufacturer, link to documentation) will be applied.
5. All other factors being equal, speed of information coming from the stock will be taken into consideration.

Note: Such order of ranking is used for stocks which answer is available within 1 second. During the following seconds the ranking process will be repeated.

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