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Special placement

«Special placement» means that your stock is displayed on the first place of the search results (for extra money). Your results are displayed in the colour selected in the settings (red by default). It is possible to add your company logo which will be displayed near the table of results.

BONUS: all participants of «Special placement» are able to place their banners free of charge in rotation at vacant advertising spots in To do that it is necessary to send at banner link and the banner of the following type: the banner size 468х60; file size up to 20 kb; possible formats: gif, png, flash. The banner impression frequency is proportional to the company budget for «Special Placement», i.e. the more the budget is, the more often the banner is being displayed.
The companies participating in searching with the basic rate (5000 RUB per month) get monthly discounts for Special placement as 20% of the charged funds. That means that you can use about 1000 rubles of 5000 monthly fee for your stock first place displaying.

How much does it cost

This is «pay-per-show» option. Payment is produced for an impression using auction method, the minimal price being 0,10 RUB per an impression. Each company can declare maximal price that company is ready to pay for 1 impression. Besides, there is a possibility to declare different maximal prices for particular groups of requests and for particular IC manufactures.

How does it work

At search results displaying all companies ordered «Special placement» service and returned the search result in less than 1 second are selected. There will be selected one company among all which offered a maximal price for an impression and it will be displayed first in the search results. If one company ordered «Special placement» service appears in the search results, impression cost will be minimal (10 kopecks). If two (or more) contestants for «Special placements» appear in the search results, an impression cost will be one kopeck bigger than that offered by the closest contestant. If two (and more) companies offered equal impression cost which appeared to be maximal among all the offered, then a winner will be chosen by lot.


There are 3 companies that use «Special placement» in search results for «aaabbb» search request. Let's say: Company A, Company B, Company C. Company A want pay up to 1.2 RUB for each show, Company B - 1.5 RUB, Company C - 0.8 RUB. So the winner is Company B, its stock information will appear on 1st place, and the price of this show will be 1.21 RUB.

Additional information

  • Mimimal show price is 0.1 RUB (about 0.003 usd).
  • Company can limit its monthly "special placement" spending. In particular it can limit its spending to amount of 20% bonus (see above).
  • Company can choose different maximum prices for different brands that it has in stock. For example, one can use special placement only for "Texas Instruments" items.

How to start participating

You need to write a message to our manager at She/he will consult you how to adjust parameters of special placement. In the future you can make all settings yourself in the stock control centre. You can also send a file with the company logo to be displayed in the search results.

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