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Information on search system membership

About us is the most popular inventory search engine for electronic components in the Russian segment of the world wide web. The company has been introduced to the market since 2002. At the present time there are over 250 leading suppliers from Russia and other countries working with our platform. Our statistics: 7000 unique visitors and 20000 part searches a day, half a million queries a month.

How the system works

When a visitor searches for some electronic component, our server sends requests to servers of our member companies. The answers for these requests specify partnumber of required component, price, stock availability or supply possibility.
For example, our server sends a query «max323» to a vendor's server. This query is accepted by a special script that searches the internal database of the vendor (MySQL database, Spreadsheet, Text file and other) and returns a list of items that matches to the query with availability information («Not in stock», «In stock», «100 item available» and so on) and additional information, like manufacturer's name, price, description, link to the documentation and other.

How to be connected to the system

You have to decide which of the existing ways of participation in the search system is more convenient for you. Participation is possible by linking up on-line stock, or by loading stock information into our system. After that you have to submit a request to specifying the following fields:
  • the company name,
  • website link.
If you link up on-line stock, you will need the following information on the script:
  • URL of the script,
  • Script parameters,
  • Query encoding,
  • Answer encoding.
If you select to load stock information:
  • Price-list in CSV format.
After your request has been received our manager will contact you.

For attention of suppliers from China

  • 100% prepayment is required;
  • Minimum duration of membership - 6 months;
  • To become our member please contact our partner in China HK Inventory (

Our policies

  • All items marked as «in stock" shall be available in your stock. As for other items (in other cities, partners or branches stocks) the delivery time to your stock shall be specified. Fields like «due to arrive soon», «please, call for information», «upon request» and so on are forbidden.
  • It is not allowed including information from trading sites like Brokerforum into search results.
  • Prices, descriptions and other information is not obligatory but warmly welcomed.
  • Your website must contain the company and the stock full contacting information, indication whether the prices include taxes and what currency is used. Stock information shall point a component availability in the stock. If there are several stocks, then the exact stock shall be indicated.
  • It is not allowed using too general item names like «diode», «max232», «atmel» into search results.

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